Performance Center

We are distributors for all performance parts. We offer chassis tuning and we build custom headers. We also tune and repair all performance vehicles. We offer custom turbo kits for your ride.

We Create The Best Performance Parts

Street and Race Car Fabrication

We can build the car of your dreams in any stage of completion—from bare welded chassis to complete rolling car. - Complete Race Car Fabrication - From Super-Stock to Pro-Mod and Pro-Street - Roll-Bars and Cages - Narrowed Rear Ends and Complete Fabricated Housings

Chassis Tuning

Our tuners are very experienced and know how to bring out the performance in your vehicle. We can weigh you car to find front to rear percentage along with the instant center to properly set up your chassis & suspension.

Performance Parts

We are a distributor for all performance products with competitive pricing and knowledgeable staff to get the right parts the first time.

Nitrous / Blower / Turbo Installation

There is also no better way to get a crowd around your car than having a blower sticking up through the hood! We also install Nitrous Oxide Systems for instant performance. If monster power is your goal a supercharger can deliver instant power. We can also install turbocharger in your vehicle - superchargers are mechanically driven from the engine often from a belt connected to the crankshaft, whereas a turbocharger is driven by the engine's exhaust gas turbine.

Roll Cages and Roll Bars

We manufacture and install custom roll cages and roll bars for your vehicle. Our Roll Bars and Roll Cages are made from the finest hi-quality steel. They come standard with tubing bent to fit perfectly for each specific vehicle and model.From 4 point roll bar to fully certified 25.3 cage mild steel and chromoly available.

Custom Headers

Custom designed from a wide array of metals and finishes, exhaust Headers produce huge gains in power for your vehicle.Headers aren't always available for every type of vehicle and every engine combination. Even if they are, the fit may not be great, so why not build your header exactly the way you want it!Our Headers are available in several finishes and coatings for great looks as well as excellent temperature maintenance and exhaust flow.

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